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Effective June 8, 2022, WV licensed or registered veterinarians will be allowed to offer telehealth.  The complete law can be found on the Board’s website on this linkPlease contact the Board office at or 304-776-8032 should you have any questions.


Below are important facts to consider when practicing telehealth:

  • Personal examination is a face to face, in person, examination of the patient.
  • The practice of veterinary medicine occurs where the patient is located at the time telehealth services are provided.
  • A veterinarian-client-patient relationship is required for providing veterinary care via telehealth services. The veterinarian shall perform an in-person exam within the 12 months prior, and at least every 12 months thereafter or the telehealth service shall no  longer be available to the patient.
  • In the event of an imminent, life-threatening emergency veterinary care may be provided via telehealth services without an existing veterinarian-client-patient relationship or without an in-person visit within 12 months.
  • The standard of care for providing veterinary care in the State of West Virginia via telehealth services by a registered or licensed veterinarian shall be the same as for in-person care.
  • A provider of telehealth services must ensure that the client is aware of the veterinarian’s identity, location, and license number and licensure status and should provide to the client a clear mechanism to:
    • Access, supplement, and amend client-provided contact information and health information about the patient;
    • Register complaints with the Board;
    • Provide consent for the use of telemedicine and,
    • Patient medical records must meet the requirements as specified in the Standard of Practice Rules.
    • Shall not prescribe any controlled substance listed in Schedule II of the Uniform Controlled Substance Act via interstate telehealth services

Below is information regarding Veterinary Telehealth Registration:

  • A veterinarian not licensed by the Board must apply for and obtain registration with the Board using the application materials provided by the Board and paying a fee of $300.
  • A veterinarian that currently holds a WV veterinary license is not subject to registration but shall practice telehealth in accordance with the Board’s laws and the rules.
  • A registrant is subject to the laws, rules, and regulations regarding the practice of veterinary medicine in this state, including the state judicial system and all rules and standards of professional conduct contained within §30-10-1 et seq. of this code and the rules promulgated thereunder.
  • A registrant shall notify the Board within 30 days of any restrictions placed upon, or actions taken against, his or her license to practice in any other state or jurisdiction.
  • A registration with the Board does not authorize a veterinary care professional to practice from a physical location within the State of West Virginia without first obtaining appropriate facility registration.